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Home decor startup trends to watch

Home decor

How do you make money on people’s desire to create unique home decor? In this selection – about the production and sale of unusual and attractive products for home interiors.

The trend to furnish your home or apartment individually for yourself, and not within the framework of any templates contributes to the growing popularity of unusual home decor products. Someone can not imagine their life without plants and green corners around, someone can not live without a place for sports training, and someone wants to save maximum living space and chooses all the compact, foldable and ergonomic. For all these and other categories of consumers there is a huge variety of unusual decor, which can be both manufactured by hand and resale.

Making Room Fountains

Room fountains in the house work as items of psychological relief. Even a quick glance at the gurgling water running between rocks and leaves can soothe a person. And for a moment transport him somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

If you want to make a home fountain can even inexperienced person. Work room fountains on the principle of the water cycle. Therefore, at the heart of the technical part of the product is a pump, powered from batteries or a network. Small fountains use pumps with a capacity of 9-12 volts, which can be purchased for $5-$10. Another permanent element is a certain container, where the water flows down. Its appearance, and, in fact, other elements will depend on your imagination. For decoration use shells, stones, figurines, moss, LED lighting. As a rule, the brighter and more original the idea, the higher the markup. Also from different material can be made and tubes, such as aluminum or PVC.

The cost of home fountains due to the variability of materials and sizes varies incredibly. The simplest desktop options can cost as little as $25-$50, large wall-mounted or floor options – several hundred dollars. Home fountains are decorated in the form of small waterfalls, a sequence of bowls, when the water, gradually fills the upper bowls and flows into the lower ones, in the form of bizarre branching roots and trees from “Avatar” and so on.

Making a room clock

A room clock is the kind of item anyone can make today. There is no need to assemble everything by the screws. In online stores, you can easily find not only blanks for decorating clocks, but also ready-made clock mechanisms. Some custom wood ideas are created even without the presence of CNC and router – using a set of hand tools: saw, screwdriver, hammer, pliers and so on. Experiments with clocks and time truly have no limits, so you can always find an idea that no one else has had before, or borrow some trendy concept.

Costume jewelry organizers

Many girls who have a large collection of jewelry and jewelry have nowhere to put their treasures. And if there is somewhere to put it, there is always some kind of dissatisfaction. Sometimes the right color of earrings at an urgent moment in their own backlogs and caskets can’t be found. So that jewelry was always before your eyes, and were invented organizers.

According to their type organizers for decorations can be on wall, desktop and, so to speak, “inside the table”, and on the material and appearance there are hundreds of options. There are cloth holders with pockets, plywood hangers in the form of branched trees, plastic hangers with hooks, folding shelf-towers and tiered circular stands, as for cakes. Many options organizers can be made at home without any special skills, and the material is needed on a minimum. However, too high price for such products do not put.

Making chests

Retro fashion has incorporated into home and cottage interiors such a wonderful item as a trunk. Chests today can be bedside (for storing bedding), used as dressers, tables and coffee tables, replace baskets for laundry in the bathroom and shoe shelves in the hallway. Materials used are different, and not just wood or plastic. For example, hypermarkets like Ikea actively sell wicker chests, and there are also chests with a leather finish.

There are several options for making money on chests. Some sellers from Craftsmen’s Fair (about ways to make money on this site – here), specialize in restoring and painting old chests, for example, in an oriental style. You can also set up a specialized carpentry shop dealing only with chests or boxes, or you can focus on sales by collecting a unique assortment of such items.

Manufacture of pet furniture

Cat houses, dog kennels, running wheels and mazes for rodents, cots, hammocks, slides – all this can be combined into a category of furniture for pets. Production cost of such products is small, and the impressive premises for the carpentry workshop and warehouse is not required. Since there are more and more such goods in pet stores, you need to think carefully about the niche and style. It is best to take into account not only the appearance of the products, but also the habits of the animals. Today, for example, cat ladders, wall bridges, and shelf-tops are becoming increasingly popular, allowing cats to satisfy their natural need to climb trees and elevations.

Light fixture manufacturing

A light fixture in the shape of… a bunny, a star, a cactus, a ship… Whatever word you enter after that phrase in a search engine, almost certainly a matching query will be found and available for purchase from sites like “Amazon” But still, some ideas are still not realized, and they do not require expensive materials. For example, loft lights can be made from pipes and fittings or from cans and glass jars. But more expensive options involve the use of chains or, say, cages for birds. So your niche for handicrafts can always be found. Or, if engaged in retail lighting, you can offer customers custom options. For example, a very popular topic today are levitating lights in the form of light bulbs, globes, flying saucers, and so on.

Pots for flowers

They can be made on a potter’s wheel, printed on a 3D-printer, molded from plastic clay, made out of wood or a plastic bucket. We are talking about flower pots, vases and planters. The ultimate simple thing – and a million ways of implementation. As an option, you can turn to the eco-theme. Unique vases for the home and garden can be made from stumps and logs, or in the form of stumps and logs.

Magnetic chalkboards for the home

Magnetic whiteboards are increasingly becoming a new and beloved element of the home interior. Why? Yes, because you can interact with them. To write messages to each other, to make reminders, to explain to your child something about school, drawing to him with markers about one and a half diggers, or (the most boring option), you can just attach magnets from trips, since the fridge surface was not enough. A magnetic board does not necessarily have to resemble a blank white sheet. Magnetic, for example, can be a map of the world – to walk around on it with magnetic chips for sure travelers would enjoy it.


The main difference between Biofireplaces and conventional fireplaces is that they can be installed almost anywhere, without a chimney – as biofuel is completely safe for people. To organize the production, you will need a small room and a minimum of production equipment. You can start the first experiments with a capital of $500, and earn several times more. And if you manage to enter into contracts with construction and repair companies, design studios or individual designers, then you can provide yourself with a stable income.

Unusual keyholders

A keychain is not so much an item for the sake of functionality as it is an element of home comfort. After all, you can hang a bunch of keys on an ordinary nail, but a keychain will give the hallway the right atmosphere. Due to their small size and low cost of materials, many craftsmen make keys. The main mass of key rings costs about $10-$15. Nevertheless, if you sort the items on the site “Amazon” in descending order of price, you can see that the cost of some variants exceeds $500.

Home decor

Unusual hangers

Another budget niche in home decor, where sometimes you need to use your imagination more than your hands, are hangers. Some loft options hangers can be made from materials that other owners would consider for trash and thrown in the trash. These can be the backs of old chairs, broken cuttings of garden tools, unwanted hangers for clothes, and so on.


Every home starts with a doorstep. And such an object as a rug can tell a lot about the owner. Instead of the banal Welcome or “Welcome!” many people today would prefer something a little more original. For example, those who like to joke, suitable rugs with inscriptions in the spirit of “Just Wipe” with drawings in the form of an open hatch or overturned on the mat indelible food.

Unusual storage systems

Perhaps one of the most radical changes to home improvement has occurred in the attitude toward storage systems. A person of the 21st century, suffering from information overload and the lack of available living space, wants to design his living space ergonomically, compactly and silently, with a minimum of visual noise. In addition, there is an increasing realization that any clutter and chaos is a waste of nerves and time searching for the necessary thing. Since this trend is built into almost any design and type of furniture, there can be many directions for your business. Especially not spared by this trend those things that used to require all the now annoying separateness, squareness and bulkiness.

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