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Best startup design clothes

Best startup

Best startup design clothes are clothes that are specifically designed for startups. They are often made of lightweight materials, have a modern look, and are easy to move around in. They are also designed to be comfortable and stylish.

The clothing industry is now developing very rapidly: new materials, high technology, practicality in every detail. The most interesting thing is often to watch independent projects. And probably the best place for that is Kickstarter. After searching through hundreds of projects with prints on T-shirts, “unique” jeans straight from the neighboring factory, and handmade leather accessories, we found some really interesting startups.

Speakeasy Briefs

Speakeasy Briefs is, as the creators of the project claim, an innovative combination of fashion and functionality. Specifically, they are boxer briefs with a front pocket with a zipper. In the pocket offers to store only the most expensive: passport, keys, credit cards, condoms and, of course, flask, which, by the way, you can buy from them in two variants: classical metal with company logo or soft plastic. Boxers themselves are presented in three colors: black, blue and light green. But it’s better to get the Weekend Warrior 3 Pack with all colors at once.

A Better Backpack

Nothing superfluous: a simple, minimalist design, quality materials, environmental friendliness – a universal backpack for everyone and even the best, according to its creator. It looks like an ordinary backpack with a classic monochrome design; as always, there is a laptop compartment inside and a relatively large zippered pocket on the front; there are several colors to choose from. And although there’s nothing unusual about it, the thing is really versatile and, as shown in the project video, will go with any outfit. But even if you get bored with your “best backpack” and you can’t find someone to give it to, the author asks to send it back and get a 10% discount for the next order, and they will recycle it, prolonging the life of the backpack to infinity.

Hindu Kush Clothing

London resident Tom Crowley creates clothes inspired by the Hindu Kush mountains in Central Asia and their inhabitants. The designer writes that he has been to the Pakistani mountains more than once and he seems to have fallen in love with these places. The main feature of the clothes is the material. Shu – as it is called and is made by hand of wool by the inhabitants of the Hindu Kush for many centuries, in some of the highest mountains in the world with a rather harsh weather. The material is dense and stiff, yet flexible and lightweight. The design of the clothes, though quite traditional, but the influence of the culture of mountain Pakistanis is also noticeable, some things have prints depicting white Hindu Kush peaks and snow leopards. Appearance of the clothes is for your taste but this warm, durable and comfortable material will be suitable not only for snowy mountains but for Moscow streets as well.

RA Reflective

This is a high-tech clothes for sports activities. Not bad design, wind protection, comfortable pockets, waterproof, fast drying, and, as you can understand from the name, all models of clothes reflective, even hats, which, by the way, look very interesting. For those who like to run at five in the morning or ride a bike all night – it’s the best.

Ministry of Supply

To get to work by public transport, to spend half a day in the office, to go to lunch, to come back, to sit in the stuffiness of the second half of the day – and then back to public transport, and if it’s hot again. In general, yes, the office dress code is not always and not in all comfortable and practical, plus the body tends to excrete odors, and by the end of the day such clothes tend to hate along with the work. That’s why the “Ministry of Supply” set out to fix this problem. Actually, the idea is to create usual office clothes, but practical: breathable, regulating temperature and excretion of smells and, most importantly, comfortable for moving human body in it. In fact, that’s what they are doing. We hope that soon all clothes will be just as utilitarian.


If you’ve ever been doing hiking and then rode a bike through the city to drink in the rain in the pub with friends, and you were terribly bothered by dirty rock climbing pants, then this project is probably for you. Apollo Pants are designed to be a tech outdoorsy thing, but look like a good pair of pants. They are water repellent, easy to wash, have a special zippered pocket not to lose your phone during active movement, suitable for all seasons and even has a reflective pattern on the hems. That is, the thing is really versatile.

Midi Controller Jacket v1

The jacket is a MIDI-controller, what else to say. You move your hand, press the touch buttons and you get the sound. All programmed via iPad. It looks very impressive on the video, but who will really need such a jacket? It is unlikely that musicians will trade their familiar means and methods of making music for spectacular strokes of the hand. And it is still unknown where Arma 17 is moving to, so the column “delivery address” remains empty.

Best startup

Silic : A shirt that cleans itself

A shirt that can’t get dirty. I mean, you can spill anything you want and it won’t leave a mark. Sounds like another “magic” item from the TV store, but no. Using hydrophobic nanotechnology, the founders of the project have created such fabric, which can repel absolutely any liquid, which is clearly demonstrated in the video from the startup page. It can be useful for everyone, I guess.

TRIM Wallet

Not bad and quite stylish replacement for the usual wallet. Much more compact and almost as functional: credit cards and cash will always be around, and change can help the one who is in need. There is both a leather and a substitute model. Nothing innovative, but simple and convenient.

Imperium Denim

Seemingly no different from hundreds of other brands of jeans. Ordinary silhouettes, ordinary colors – boring. But their denim is made not only from cotton, but also from plastic from used bottles. Specially designed EarthSPUN® yarns are created from recycled plastic. Environmentally friendly. Bakhmetyev’s cause lives on! “The plastic world has won. Layout proved to be stronger.”

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